E.S.S. Royal Highness
Princess Empress of the World
Maryam Zirkunskonsky
(Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez)

Change the economy of the world is possible”

an individual system making an unbroken economy in the world, a new society, a new stock market”

a collective tax, activate multiple constructions gradually”

African continent can bill trillions in next twenty years having own concurrency and own stock market

UAN (United African Nations) is an strategy based on the logic and history of the world, what help the evolution of African Continent turning into the first world.

Cash businesses are an economical system designed to have cash flow inside society for consumers adquire products, today digital concurrences name the products and the consumer,

an easy application from government can legal hire, teach and offer cash job close to your location moving cash flow inside the society, easy way to consumers adquire products o get services

Her Royal Highness Princess-Marquis Mariam, Princess Empress of the World named her Maryam Zirkunskonsky by Royal Crown of Durland Kingdom is a world traveler, worry for the societies of the world, feeling impotence observing the difference between first, second and third worlds traveling. Her goal in life is change the economy of the world; she is the founder of Rufikan Real State&Stocks and United African Nations. Her mission is solve the problems of society and build a first world for everyone.

International Business Owner

Rufikan Stocks & Real State is an organization of products and constructions easily applicable in the third and second world countries of Africa, Oceania, Asia and South America, the same constructions with international products can gradually changing for complete the economy of the world.

new constructions make a first world society

Princess Empress of the World